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How To Tell When You Need To Repair Your Home’s Foundation

If you have a home, then you need to know what to watch out for when it comes to its foundation. There are repairs that can be done no matter what condition the foundation is in, but the earlier you take care of problems the easier they will be to take care of.

Are your windows on hard to open now or have they been sticking as of late? Any sudden change with your windows could be due to a foundation issue. You should also look around your home for cracks over your doorways, where walls are meeting your ceiling, and on walls. Another place that cracks can appear would be on your floor.

Cracks in plaster
Cracks in plaster walls.

Puddles can be a sign of moisture getting into the foundation if you see them in crawl spaces. If your foundation’s perimeter is having drainage issues, you may have a little bit of a problem. This is one reason why you need to keep gutters clean, because they can keep water away from the foundation.

Horizontal cracks are something you have to watch out for carefully. Soil can get saturated in water, and then may expand if it freezes. If that happens and it pushes on the foundation too hard it will cause the foundation to break. This may mean it’s too late for your foundation because severe damage like this is not going to be easy to fix. However, there are experts that can completely replace what you have so you can save your home.

Do not delay when you notice any of the issues that were outlined here. Foundations are not going to be perfect and the sooner you notice issues the better. Check over your home on a regular basis and the early warning signs should be easy to detect.

Cracks in plaster above door
Cracks in plaster above doorway


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