Restumping is often refered to as reblocking and is mainly done on weatherboard or fibre cement homes.


Common indicators your house house needs stumps replaced;


  • Noisy floorboards , tiles or carpets
  • Windows and doors not closing propertly
  • Cracks in internal plastering


Process of house restumping:


  • Firstly we assess the job and discuss with owners all possible outcomes .
  • We then remove all plinth and put in place hydrualic jacks to support the home whilst we work.
  • Once supported, we remove the timber stumps, and repair or replace any parts of the floor that need work.
  • We then put in place all concrete stumps and get them level and lined up for concrete.
  • We pour the concrete and remove jacks once concrete has strenthened.


replaced red-gum stumps


New Concrete Stumps


Sub Floor being repaired
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