Sports In Melbourne: The Big Teams You Need To Follow

Melbourne is a city with dozens of sports teams across multiple sports and leagues. This is a city of sports fans, and while you can find sports of all kinds (even some you might not expect like baseball, netball, and field hockey) there are definitely some teams and some sports that stick out a little bit above and beyond the rest.

Melbourne Is All About The Rugby
Rugby is huge in Australia, and so it should come as no surprise that Melbourne jumps right into the scruff. Not only do they have two teams in the rugby union (Melbourne Rising in the NRC & Rebels in Super Rugby) but the Melbourne Storm are in the National Rugby League and play against the best of the best, with the whole city cheering them on.

The Melbourne Victory
Melbourne’s professional soccer team has a name that is as optimistic as it gets, and although there have been some lean years here and there, there’s no denying that they have enjoyed their share of victories. Members of the country’s A-League, the Victory compete against the best professional teams that other cities can put up.

The Demons
Australian Rules Football is a wonderfully chaotic sport combining various aspects of rugby, football, and putting a completely unique Aussie spin on all of it. Melbourne’s club plays in the Australian Football League (AFL) and are nicknamed “The Demons.” Whenever The Demons are playing, you can count on huge crowds going nuts for every hit, every point, every scruff.

In Conclusion
There’s a lot to like about sports in Melbourne, and whatever your favourite sport you will be able to find a home team to root for. There are plenty of teams to follow, but there’s not question the Storm, Victory, and Demons hold a special place in the hearts of the city’s hometown fans.

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