The Best Places to Eat in Melbourne Australia

Melbourne, Australia, is a beautiful city with some of the best tourist venues worldwide. If you are planning a trip to this fantastic destination, you should enjoy the delicious food served throughout the city. While it would take months to sample every establishment, there are some you should place at the top of your list!

If you love hot and spicy fried chicken served with natural wine, check out Belle’s Hot Chicken. Authentic fries and beans created by Morgan McGlone add to the flavorful Southern-style experience.

Do you enjoy Armenian cuisine? If so, check out the incredibly well-rated Sezar! The Middle Eastern and Eastern Europe influences on the menu ensure that everyone will find something new and exciting to try or can find a familiar favorite to please the palate.

Now, if you have the time, budget and connections, you should check out IDES. The availability is ridiculously limited to once per month and only 45 seats. However, the creative genius delivers with indescribably fantastic offerings that are well worth it for those lucky enough to enjoy.

For something more accessible, you can drop by Supernormal. This award winning restaurant has a wide range of delicious dishes served in a delightful atmosphere. Their signature piece is a lobster roll that everyone should try at least once!

Additionally, Supernormal offers a karaoke bar for those who enjoy entertainment along with their meals. Enjoy the Japanese inspired dishes while you and the rest of your party belt out your favorite tunes.

The city of Melbourne has countless restaurants open on any given day. This list contains just a few of the best places to eat that you can choose from. If one of these is not to your liking, there are plenty more to choose from in this popular tourist destination!
Melbourne now stands on land around the body of water known as Port Phillip, called the Yarra Valley. Prior to European settlement of the continent of Australia, this area was inhabited by the Kulin. This group of people was a gathering of several different Aboriginal languages. It is thought that their inhabitation of the area started as far back as 40,000 year ago.

The local population numbered less than 20,000 when European settlement started. They were mainly hunters and gatherers. This area was a vital meeting point and source of water and food for the Wurundjeri, Watahauron, and Boonwurrung tribes. Self-identified descendants of these tribes still live among the Aboriginal residents of modern Melbourne.

European discovery of the area notably started in 1797, when George Bass entered the Bass Strait separating the mainland continent from Tasmania. John Murray entered Port Phillip itself in 1802, followed by Matthew Flinders not long after. Charles Grimes landed on shore in 1803 on a survey mission from New South Wales. A plaque sits today at the site where he and others met local inhabitants.

June 6, 2020 was the date a treaty was signed between Tasmanian businessmen and several Wurundjeri elders. Approximately 700,000 acres of land were purchased for the establishment of a town. Two different groups showed up over several months, but they agreed there was a lot of space for everyone, and started parceling out the land rather than fight over who had gotten there first.

The early settlement of Melbourne was largely tents and huts. They were mostly on the Yarra river banks as the river served as a source of drinking water and also bathing. By the 1850s, pollution was causing disease and killing citizens. As a result, the local government opened the initial city baths in 1860.

The population swelled in the 1850s thanks to a regional gold rush. The population and economic growth that followed lasted nearly 40 years. Modern Melbourne is the second largest city on the continent and the financial hub of the nation.

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