Looking At Melbourne Australia’s Most Expensive Suburbs

While Sydney might gain the most attention as one of Australia’s most expensive cities, there are plenty of suburbs in Melbourne that will give even the moderately wealthy a solid run on their money. If you want to know about the most expensive suburbs in the city of Melbourne, read on to learn more.

With an average home price of $3.4 million, Toorak easily stands head and shoulders above the others on this list. Long home to many of the largest and most opulent of mansions in the city, even new homes are constructed large and stately. The neighborhood’s high end cafes, restaurants, and boutiques help guarantee this suburb remains popular and in high demand.

Not many people have heard of Deepdene, and that’s not overly surprising considering this suburb is quite small, nestled in between the eastern suburbs of Balwyn and Kew. Well known for its high end boutique shops and top of the line cafes, there is a very limited number of homes available. At an average cost of between $2.5 million and $3.0 million, it is also worth noting that just the average income of a resident here is just at six figures.

Canterbury might be one of the best known of Melbourne’s suburbs, and it is third on this list of most exclusive (aka expensive) of the suburbs in Melbourne. Properties that are on the famous Mont Albert & Gold Mile roads definitely pull the average home price up, and at a respectable $2.4 million per, they are not that far behind the suburbs of Deepdene and Toorak. This suburb is also known for its famous exclusive private schools.

These are the three most expensive suburbs that can be found in the greater Melbourne area and display all that luxury in the city can mean.

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